Sunday, July 10, 2011

the start of it all.

this is mt first time writing a blog so i dont know much about starting one. ill give it a try,lately i have been trying to get my coupons started and start saving because with a family of 7 money is well needed to be saved up! lol so with that if you have coupons send them my way:)
well today went by rather smooth i mean it wasnt that boring but since i been here in GA i feel like something is missing i mean i got my WHOLE family with me now but i guess its the fact that i dont have my blood family near me anymore we are offically spreaded across the US 2 in hawaii,1 in kansas and me here in georgia. maybe thats why i been down lately but im not letting that get to me too much for my family needs me.
on tuesday is my oldest girl birthday she willbe 10 years olld! 10 years! i remember when i first met her she was just 6 years old! wow time flew by really fast. but that day imma make it awesome asmuch as i can because thats what she needs. its treehouse duringthe morning,slash park during the afternoon and her choice of restraunt to eat at night. and than the on post museum next weekend. :) just hope it all goes thru without any hidden surprises! lol
now i have 3 weeks so soak up my baby boy "months" because after aug ill just let everyone know he is 1 years old! nomore 9 months,10months or 11 months just 1. its so going tobe different. i look back at photos of when he was born and than thru out the months and it makes me think time just flew by! what happened to my lil bug who just cried ate and pooped? to my little tummy time booger? and to my crawling machine tugger? :( now all i have is speedy mc speedy! always walking around with something in his handand his bottle in his mouth. lol wow thats all i can say WOW! makes me think of having another one BUT i keep forgetting that we dont have the time or the place or the money to bring in another muchkin all becausei miss the baby stages lol so i can wait till after i get somecollege on my belt. :)
well its getting lateandi gotta get up to take one of my kids to the doctors lol :)
till the next time