Friday, July 6, 2012

Sweet momma

now its been a minute since i blogged my very first post on here,almost 6 days to the day. haha i guess i haven't been on my game but a lot has happened since than its harder to blog when having 4 kids and such but its all about to change,i can say after reading a friends blog its motivated me to start back on mine. I find it will be less stress for me to be carrying around since i put all i have to say in words for million of people to view but that's okay. lol right? First ill start off is i such at writing on paper and online so if I'm using a comma wrong or i put a period when it shouldn't or have run on sentences than just get over it. I'm here to vent,share,and help not host a English class:) lol 
well okay,let begin its been a FULL year since we got all Four kids and its been a rough one with getting rules figured out,a chore chart,and so much more I'm glad to say we did a great job! Now the kids have been with there Mom since June so we got a couple more weeks till there back here with us and lets just say we are very excited! :) Our kids (going done from oldest to youngest) Elizabeth(going to be 11 in 6 days!! :),Justice 9(going to be 10 in Sept),TJ 6(going on 7 in Dec),and Jacob(going to be 2 in Aug) talk about a full house though i wouldn't change it for the world! When we have a chance we always try to get out of good old Hinesville and head out to FL last time we went to the Monster truck Jam in Jacksonville! it was a amazing kids enjoyed it all! My sister Moni officially just left with my nephews to KS on SAT and It kills to know they wont return back,though OCT she said she is driving thru before she heads to Orlando so that something I'm looking forward too! WHOOP WHOOP! :) I <3 my family. 

Now as I'm writing this we are having our first Rain storm since idk what feels FOREVER!,and it happens when everybody is sleeping or well in my case should be sleeping. Though during the day this Heat has been BRUTAL! One step outside and you will be soaked already haha that bad,ohhwee. Anyways my mind is everywhere i want to write about everything down to the last detail but im lost in so much memories. ah brain fart! Well let me tell you why i started this blog up again,in more detail if i must say not only to keep me sane but to help me stay that way. These next couple of months will be my hardest so im going to need to VENT!! and what better way than Facebook but my blog :) I know a couple of things that is going to be awesome though is having our kids back,school,and my FOOTBALL games! :) i cant wait i have a great team with great ladies,and i cant wait to have my kids(my cheerleaders) cheering me on along with my husband! :) mainly though is having our kids back its been feeling so weird without hearing,hey Stephy can we do this?,can we have this?,where are we going?,JACOB needs to be changed NOT IT! haha once i have that back i know life is complete:) alright ill be posting a lot via mobile due to my computer since new like it used to be,its getting old and slow lol UPGRADE!. 

Let me leave you with a little BIO about me 
My name is Stephanie,I'm 22 years old, I (well WE) have 4 kids as you know from up there ^^,I am an Army wife been married to my AWESOME husband since Jan 12,2010 known him since 2008 didn't start dating till END of 2009. These years have been Amazing and I'm excited to see what the next 50 years will bring :) I have family in Cali,KS,IL,and HI. I have 4 sisters,and 1 brother. I'm on the road of up an down weight problems and right now im doing something about it. :) lets see what else? oh im an MEXICAN AMERICAN yo! lol (mixed with native American) i have a sense of humor,im easy going though there is another side of me but i never been there in awhile and i plan not too. :) alright thats all thats my mind will let me get out because now im tired. TILL THE NEXT POST! goodnight and sweet dreams:) 

-Stephanie Giesenhagen.